““Yoga is a journey. As the life is. I met yoga on my journey and YOjogaYO was born.“”

Karolina Tůmová


We are Czech and produced here in the Czech Republic with materials sourced from local producers and suppliers. Labels, tags, bags, basically everything that forms and decorates our products are made in our country. We support all Czech and will do our best you fell in love with our brand. We cannot imagine life without yoga and shall be happy if you cannot imagine yours without YOjogaYO clothing. For yoga, for leisure, for you.


The founder of YOjogaYO, Karolina, adores yoga. And YO was born from her love of it. Yoga is life and goes even further. In the same way Karolina suggests her clothes for you to leave the yoga studio and to head off onto the street. Travel, have fun. The main point of this is to feel free and beautiful. To be comfortable yet with a big dose of femininity. YOjogaYO commenced in Prague and focuses on local quality creations. With a European heart and a worldwide home.